About Shellcast

Starting in 1961, Shellcast founder Gerry Krause began to supply small to medium sized investment castings to the commercial and aerospace marketplace. Sadly, Gerry passed away in November of 2010 after a lengthy illness.

In July of 2011 the assets of Shellcast were purchased from Gerry’s estate by the company’s senior managers with company President Bob Johnson assuming sole ownership of the operation in early 2013.

Bob brings significant experience in the production of critical components for commercial, aerospace, and military applications. The company is committed to continuing on the path of success that Shellcast has enjoyed for over 60 years.

Shellcast has earned a reputation of high quality and responsiveness. We
consistently demonstrate the ability to deliver castings before some competitors can respond to quotations.

Shellcast is committed to continuous improvement:

  • Employee cross-training
  • Enhanced process controls
  • Reduction of lead times
  • Reduced scrap and rework

Green approach:

  • Recycling and re-certification of raw materials
  • Located within 15 minutes of the largest investment casting alloy source in the US allows direct recycling of metal and lowest possible cost on fully certified materials
  • All pattern wax is reprocessed and re-certified

Shellcast is located in a manufacturing rich area that offers us a large number of key suppliers within hours of the facility:

  • NADCAP registered processors
  • Lab analysis (chemical and physical testing)
  • NDT
  • Heat treatment
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